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Medical Information

We provide a Medical Information and Pharmacovigilance service, dedicated to parenteral nutrition and fluid therapy, for customers of Fresenius Kabi IV Therapy in the Ireland. We can give the following information:


  • Information (composition, shelf-life, etc.) on individual Fresenius Kabi IV Therapy products.
  • Compatibility information for a wide range of parenteral nutrition admixtures containing Fresenius Kabi parenteral nutrition products.
  • Compatibility information for a wide range of drug additions to freeflex®, Steriflex® and Eclipse® pumps.
  • Product Literature and information booklets.
  • Clinical information regarding the use of individual Fresenius Kabi IV Therapy products, or on the use of parenteral nutrition or fluid therapy techniques in general.

We are constantly striving to improve our service to our customers, and this involves updating our resources, updating and improving new educational literature, providing education and training for our representatives, and a wide variety of behind-the-scenes projects.

We hold educational Study Days, based on a relevant sub-topic chosen by healthcare professionals involved in nutrition & fluid therapy (e.g. Parenteral Nutrition in Intensive Care Patients, Peripheral Parenteral Nutrition, Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition Use, Parenteral Nutrition and Volume Replacement in Septic ICU Patients).


How can you use this service?

When you have a parenteral nutrition or fluid therapy-related enquiry, call us* on:

Tel. 01928 533575 or
Fax 01928 533587

between 9.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

You can also email us click here.

Or write to us at:

Medical Information,
Fresenius Kabi Ltd.,
Cestrian Court,
Eastgate Way,
Manor Park, Runcorn,

*If lines are engaged, calls are automatically directed to the department secretary, who will ask the next available person to call you back. We also have voicemail which is checked regularly.
(Please note that enquiries regarding Fresenius Kabi’s Enteral Nutrition products should be directed to 01928 533516)


What will you receive?

A verbal response to your enquiry, as quick, polite, concise and relevant as possible. If you require confirmation in writing, please let us know and we will post or fax this to you as soon as practicable. We will endeavour to send out any additional information that you may find helpful (e.g. literature searches, booklets, information packs etc.) if relevant.

The service is available free of charge to our customers. We currently handle over 1600 enquiries every month. Telephone cover is constantly provided throughout the working day, even over the lunch period. At exceptionally busy times, a message will be taken from you and the first available member of staff will telephone you back as soon as possible.

We have access to:


  • A large database of compatibility information on parenteral nutrition admixtures. 
  • The services of a dedicated laboratory for the further evaluation and physical stability testing of unusual admixture requests including drug stability testing. 
  • In-house literature databases specific to parenteral nutrition. 
  • On-line databases e.g. Medline. 
  • An in-house library, which subscribes to the major nutrition and intensive care journals, e.g. JPEN, Clinical Nutrition.
  • The Internet, for additional library services and current awareness.


The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines pharmacovigilance (PV) as the science and activities relating to the detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse effects or any other drug-related problem. PV aims to enhance patient care and patient safety in relation to the use of medicines.


Fresenius Kabi liaises closely with our global centre for PV and with the Irish Medicines Board (IMB) to ensure that adverse events /reactions relating to a Fresenius Kabi product are correctly documented and acted on appropriately.


Should you wish to report an adverse drug reaction, or suspected adverse drug reaction, to a Fresenius Kabi product please contact us via any of the following;




Telephone: +44 (0)1928 533 612


Fax: +44 (0)1928 533 587


Please be advised that any of the information and personal data you share with us will be protected and kept confidential in line with the Data Protection Act 1998 and local regulations. The information you provide will be used for the purpose of drug safety surveillance and to help us deal with any other enquiry you may have. It may also be shared with health authorities/agencies.