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The Hirsch Pharmacy is opened in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The Fresenius family assumes ownership in the 18th century.

The pharmacist and proprietor of the Hirsch Pharmacy, Dr. Eduard Fresenius, founds the pharmaceutical company Dr. E. Fresenius.
Its main products are pharmaceutical specialities such as injection solutions, serologic reagents and Bormelin nasal ointment.

The manufacturing company is separated from the Hirsch Pharmacy and moves to Bad Homburg. Dr. Fresenius devotes more and more time to the company, which grows to around 400 employees.

Fresenius starts to sell dialysis machines and dialyser manufactured various foreign companies and gains substantial market shares.

Introduction of a novel amino acid solution achieving a decisive breakthrough in parenteral nutrition therapy. Introduction of an innovative volume replacement solution (hydroxyethyl starch solution - HES) in the field of fluid therapy/blood substitution.

Fresenius starts to manufacture infusion solutions and medical disposables in St. Wendel, Saarland.

The first ready-to use tube feed Fresubin® is introduced.

Introduction of HAES-steril®, a further development of the hydroxyethyl starch solution with which Fresenius sets worldwide standards in volume therapy.

Establishment of the home care concept by which patients who have to be fed enterally (intake of nutrients involving the gastro-intestinal tract) can be cared for at home. At the same time expansion of the enteral nutrition range.

The Fresenius developed Aminomix® Two-Chamber-Bag for parenteral nutrition is launched.

Launch of Supportan®, a tube feed for enteral nutrition in oncology.

Laying of the cornerstone of the innovative infusion solution plant in Friedberg (Hesse).

Introduction of the world’s first dipeptide solution for parenteral nutrition. Inauguration of the state-of-the-art infusions solutions plant (Friedberg, Hesse), the most modern one in Europe.

Fresenius Kabi is formed by combining Fresenius Group's Pharma division with the infusion solution business acquired from Pharmacia & Upjohn (Kabi). The new company is Europe's leader in the field of nutrition and infusion therapy, offering a comprehensive product and service portfolio worldwide for hospitals and patients at home.

Launch of a new generation of hydroxyethyl starch for volume therapy.

Fresenius Kabi accelerates its worldwide business expansion by opening up new growth markets in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

The business segment Fresenius HemoCare is reallocated within the Fresenius Group. Due to their similar technology platform, the Infusion Technology and Transfusion Technology Divisions are combined under one management and assigned to Fresenius Kabi.

Fresenius Kabi strengthens its market positions with acquisitions in South Africa and Czech Republic as well as with a joint venture in Australia.

Expansion of I.V. drug portfolio via acquisition of the Portuguese pharmaceutical company Labesfal.

Fresenius Kabi strengthens product portfolio and production network of medical devices through the acquisition of the business of Clinico.

Acquisition of Argentinean pharmceutical company Filaxis: Expansion of I.V. drug portfolio.

Fresenius Kabi strengthens business activities through acquisitions.

Blood volume replacement: Acquisition of blood volume replacement business of Japanese pharmaceutical company Kyorin
I.V. Drugs: Acquisition of the Chilean company Laboratorio Sanderson and the Italian company Ribbon
Clinical Nutrition: Acquisition of the enteral nutrition businesses from Nestlé in France and Spain.

Fresenius Kabi grows its I.V. generics business and expands into oncology drugs with the Dabur Pharma acquisition.

Fresenius Kabi enters the North American pharmaceuticals market and becomes a globally leading supplier in the field of intravenously administered generic drugs via the acquisition of the U.S. based APP Pharmaceuticals.



Fresenius Kabi acquires the transfusion technology company Fenwal and creates a global leader in transfusion technology with a broad product portfolio for whole blood collection and processing as well as for transfusion medicine and cell therapies.